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A Miracle For two Sisters

A miracle For Two sisters

is dedicated to helping families like yours fight the court system by providing information to families through education, resources and self help. 

Join your host Melissa Diegel and Karla Johnson weekly on Thursday nights at 9:00 pm EST on 4 Family Justice brought to you by the Liberty Beacon Project where they instill hope and effect change.  CPS is a 500 billion dollar a year industry, it is very important to educate the world that our children are not for sale!  Click here to listen to all shows current and archived.

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A Miracle For Two Sisters On Facebook​

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National and International articles educating the public ​about CPS and the war on families.  Statistics show that 80% of child removals are unnecessary and cause more harm than good.  We support and promote in home services options, transparency and accountability in the courts and family reunification.  Click here to visit A Miracle For Two Sisters On FaceBook and leave this site.


We believe there is power in numbers, meaning voices are very powerful!  Never give up!